Best Times

by Truth Inside

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released January 1, 2012



all rights reserved


Truth Inside Panama City, Florida

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Track Name: Perspective
Everyone thinks they have it bad but I see things different.
Problems in life are obstacles that always seem to shape us into who we are or who we become. We keep learning from past lessons.
But I can finally say that I’m seeing things different.

I can see a better way
Lets overcome these problems today
I’ll keep on pressing for a change
Its these moments that we face.

A new view, a new perspective on the way we really live our lives.
Being grateful for the little things that some may never attain.
A roof over our heads that we take for granted.
Starving kids around the world, I just can’t stand it.

What really hurts us
Only makes us stronger
What doesn’t does stop us
Strengthens us longer
Track Name: Abusive Ways
I know exactly who you were just growing up within this world
Without a care, no doubt about it, bullying kids the way you wanted
Time has passed and you haven’t changed, just still the same old human being.
But one question still remains, why treat others this harsh way?

Abusing others day after day you will always be the one to blame.

With a mind like yours taking advantage
I refuse to accept these abusive ways.
I can’t see why you’re taking advantage
I Refuse to accept your abusive ways.

Time has passed and you haven’t changed
Still the same old human being.
Track Name: Best Times
Within these walls are feelings built up so high.
Letting them out has never felt so right
Stage dives and sing-alongs with my best friends.
I never want this moment to end.

Everyone is welcome here.
Let’s try and show a little respect.
You aren’t better than anyone else.
Get that through your head.
So many faces seem to come and go but I’m still here and I still care.

Can we all just get along?
Is it really much to ask?
Leave your problems at the door.
These memories we generate will last.
I know it’s all apart of who we are inside out.
I want to say, I want to show, I really just want you to know.

We are growing up in this chaotic world never really knowing what the future holds.
We try to hold on to these times in our lives these memories we are making standing side by side until we’re in for the taking and I know this is our time.
All my best friends all around my side, problems that we come face to face in this life.
I know this is our time.
Track Name: Unity
The color of my skin shouldn’t mean a thing
But it still does so that it seems
This on going war will eventually cease
In case you have forgotten what this means

Unity - We truly need
Unity - Within our reach
Unity - Know what it means
Unity - We will achieve

You sit around with nothing better to do
So you point the finger at those different than you
Do you feel better as you sit up on your throne?
Do you feel greater? There is so much to learn.

Unity - We truly need
Unity - Within our reach
Unity - Know what it means
Unity - We will achieve

Unity - I think we should know
Unity - Just how we could show
Unity - Know what it means
Unity - We will achieve
Track Name: Abstain
Walking through this world with my back turned
To the peers and pressures that society’s burned
Into each others minds, It’s really taking its toll
I choose to be different I choose to break the mold
Break free

I choose to abstain only for myself
Not for you or anybody else
It’s time to open up your eyes and see
The grip that this world has made
it’s time to break free

This is for myself you can like it or not
I’m not here to judge so put that into thought
The weight of this world so heavy it seems
But I choose to carry, I choose to break free

Straight edge for myself.