One Common Goal In Sight 3​-​Way Split

by Truth Inside

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3-Way Split: One Common Goal In Sight
Currahee, Unforce, Truth Inside

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released March 1, 2012



all rights reserved


Truth Inside Panama City, Florida

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Track Name: Try Harder
You try so hard to just be accepted
But the truth is you’re being rejected,
From these so called friends that you’re so into
You’re using them and they’re using you.

Please take a second from your busy life
To find yourself and to find what’s right.
Life is not about all the money you have, these gifts that you buy, or
The attention you grab

I’m my own person
I have my life to lead,
If you don’t understand
Then just let me be.
Track Name: Hospitality
It’s so hard to understand the kindness
within this scene, so many people care less.
Do you know what I mean?
But in this underground world we have grown to love, respect, appreciate, there’s nowhere left to go but up.

So much potential within this scene.
So many kids can care less, you know what I mean.
So much compassion within this scene.
Do our part and help each other out in our times of need.

Kind hearts are ruling and it’s plain to see.
Views are changed, it’s so hard to believe.
I’m holding on to what I know and what I feel.
Something close and meaningful, something real.

Respect, Appreciate
One another for who we are.
Respect, Appreciate
putting others down in life will only get you so far.